About TCB


About TCB

Since young, I wanted to work in a professional office environment. I always dreamed to gain a high profile job after university as an investment banker, as I really wanted to work in the city. Looking at the City of London, really amazed me and as a result, it made me to constantly think.

In my spare time, I loved to draw. I put my pen to paper to draw up a series of designs on clothing till I stumbled across THE CITY BOY. I looked at being and associating myself to "THE CITY" at a different perspective. I wanted to visualise THE CITY BOY.

Our motto is #TCB which stands for two things. One of which is our brand name: THE CITY BOY and the phrase: Take care of Business. We believe that everyone can relate to this phrase in their own unique way. 

This brand represents those on a journey in life. We hope that through our brand name and our values, the wider public would value themselves more, be positive and continue to believe in themselves and their abilities. 

THE CITY BOY is a luxury lifestyle menswear brand based in London. Established mid 2016.