Our Ethos


Our Ethos

We offer many types of outwear to our customers who are predominantly male. The City Boy stands for the phrase: Take Care of Business #TCB. This is not just a simple phrase. To us, it is a clear motto, which we believe, can be engineered to all aspects of your life. 

Our brand is not just a clothing brand but a way of life and a lifestyle to a certain extent. We represent those on a journey in life, those who never give up, no matter their current  circumstance and most importantly, those who believe in themselves and their ability to achieve in their endevours. 

We love to give our customers the exclusive experience whereby, we purposefully limit our items on a whole. This is so our customers can feel valued and know that they are not an ordinary customer to us. First come, first served is our ideal to ensure our items really stay exclusive.  

This is an experience which we believe money cannot buy.

The City Boy is a London-based luxury clothing brand for men sold globally. #Fashion with a #difference  

In whatever you do in life, make sure you Take Care of Business #TCB