Our Designs


Our Designs

Our designs are something in which we take our time to craft, as to us, this is an essential process that we have to go through. As this is a process, we ensure to take our time with it. Our design process is an unavoidable journey which holds the same outcome.

From an idea constantly flashing in our mind, to visually imagining it; then putting pen to paper and vigorously drawing a series of designs. Lastly, we bring these designs to life through ultimately, manufacturing the design to the product through using different types of materials.

We agree that the phrase "Less is more" is important in the world of fashion and design. However, we strongly believe that what we produce should have meaning to it. Below are examples which showcase our previous designs, our current designs and the meaning behind them. 

1st design: Sapphire Blue Velour Sweatshirt 

The dove embroidered in yellow gold is a symbol of peace and is seen flying towards the diamond with a crop in its mouth whilst the heartbeat is used to give life to the diamond. The diamond embroidered in yellow gold is used as a nest for the dove. The diamond symbolises: wisdom, clarity and scarcity. 

2nd design: Fossil Grey Velour Sweatshirt 

The dove embroidered in yellow gold is mirrored and is a symbol of peace. Both of the doves are seen flying towards the diamond embroidered in yellow gold which is centered in the middle. There's an addition of two heartbeats in crimson red included in this design and is used to give life to the diamond. 

3rd design: Jet Black and Royal Blue Baseball cap

Our baseball caps oozes sports-luxe style with our signature diamond and heartbeat design embroidered to the front. Towards the back, our acronym TCB is embroidered in gold to portray a premium look. 

4th Design: Our Tracksuits

Our tracksuits are inspired by the design of a football jersey/kit. 

Each tracksuit is carefully crafted from soft cotton and a hint of elastane to ensure a stretchy feel once worn. Additionally, the sizing is in slim fit, to ensure a premium look.

Included in our tracksuit design is our logo, embroidered to the centre in a quality chenille material. 

Added to the top right of our track top and jogger is a clock face logo and inside of this logo, our acronym "TCB" is embroidered. We included a clock face logo with numbers as it holds a great significance to us. 

To us, time is a gift and something in which is a limited resource, which should be used wisely. Including this to our design allows us to both compliment our tracksuit and signify its meaning.